Upcoming Webinars – February

It’s February, time to munch your way through several pounds of chocolate, go ice skating, and… go back to school? You read that right marketers – this month’s webinars are kicking off a series: The B2B Marketer’s Study Hall, where we’ll take you through the basics of getting started with marketing automation, to finding more leads, closing more deals and maximizing ROI! We’ve got you covered on all things B2B Marketing Automation, so if you’re new to the class you don’t want to miss this.

Here’s a rundown of this month’s webinars – so pick your favourite and register now! (And no running in the halls!)

The B2B Marketer’s Study Hall – Register for all three webinars in the series here.

3 Secrets to Getting Started with Marketing Automation – Marketing Automation is a powerful tool for driving marketing and sales alignment and streamlining complicated marketing processes. Get a back-to-basics look at how it can help marketing teams of 1 or 100 create campaigns, generate and nurture leads, and better support their sales teams.

3 Steps to High Quality Leads with Shareable Content – Creating engaging content can be challenging – how do you deliver the right message at the right time? Learn how to create and deploy a killer content strategy that will get your prospects attention.

5 Hot Tips for Warming Up Cold Leads – Everyone knows what happens to cold leads… or do they? Putting a process in place for lead nurturing could rescue hundreds of leads every year, and more leads means more revenue. Learn how to recapture those cold leads with email nurtures designed to warm them back up to a sales-ready state.

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