Upcoming Webinar: Pardot + Data.com: Salesforce for B2B Marketers

Date: November 19, 2014
Time: 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST

B2B marketers need a secret weapon when it comes to campaign management and data quality, especially given the number of campaigns and marketing avenues that they have to work through. Salesforce.com provides a solution: Pardot B2B Marketing Automation and Data.com.

In this webinar, Sangram Vajre, Director of Marketing at Pardot, and Bob Memmer, AVP of Data.com, take a look at how clean, quality data and marketing automation can work together to help you:

  • Focus and personalize your messaging
  • Provide cross-channel campaign management
  • Increase relevancy of sales conversations
  • Improve ROI

We?ll also have the opportunity to hear from Jeremy Mason, Marketing Operations Manager at Precor, to share with us how Pardot and Data.com have benefited Precor in improving their marketing and sales efforts.

SANGRAM VAJRE, Director of Marketing at Pardot
BOB MEMMER, AVP of Data.com
JEREMY MASON, Marketing Operations Manager of Precor

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