Unsubscribe Page


All Pardot accounts automatically include ready-made landing pages for the unsubscribe page (represented by %%unsubscribe%% in your emails). Pardot layout templates can be used to style these pages in the same way you would with other landing pages.

In order to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance, Pardot requires that an unsubscribe link is included in every email.  When emails containing  %%unsubscribe%% are sent using Pardot, Pardot substitutes in an unsubscribe link specific to the recipient. It will look something similar to the following: http://www.site.com/unsubscribe/170bb3c3e580aeff2d05b2ee1dc53rab.  The hash at the end of the link represents a specific prospect in the system, so that Pardot can automatically unsubscribe the prospect that clicks on that link.

Managing Your Unsubscribe Page

You can find your Unsubscribe Page under Marketing > Emails > Unsubscribe Page. By default, all unsubscribe pages contain the same message: ‘You have been successfully unsubscribed from email communications. If you did this in error, you may re-subscribe by clicking the button below.’ and thank you content: ‘You have successfully resubscribed to email communications.’

Customizing Your Unsubscribe Page

You can edit the internal Name of the page, Title for the re-subscribe form, layout template, and opening content. The Title is represented by %%title%% in the layout template and is generally placed above the %%content%%, which contains both your customized opening content and the default message.

If you would like to add a preface to the default re-subscribe message (“You have been successfully unsubscribed…”), you can add it to the opening content section and it will appear above the standard text.

If you would like to change the standard unsubscribe confirmation text, you will need to edit the layout template the unsubscribe page is using (make sure this layout template is only used for this page!), go to the “Form” tab of the layout template and replace %%form-before-form-content%% with the new text you’d like to use instead.  Note: Pardot’s unsubscribe link is meant to opt prospects out from receiving emails with only one click, so the unsubscribe page text should indicate that the prospect has been unsubscribed successfully, but can opt back in using the button below.

You can also use CSS on the corresponding layout template to customize the appearance of your unsubscribe page. For example, you can place styling in the layout template header to replace the Re-subscribe button with an image (make sure this layout template is only used for this page!):

1. Replace %%form-submit-button-text%% in the layout template’s Form tab with a single space (so you would have <p class=”submit”> <input type=”submit” accesskey=”s” value=” “).

2. Add the following code to the <head> tag in the Layout tab of the layout template:

<style type=”text/css”>
form.form p.submit input {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
text-align: right;
border: none;
background: url(insert URL to desired image here) no-repeat left top;
width:(define width of button here)px;
height:(define height of button here)px;
cursor: pointer;