Twitter Tips: Getting Started

Not many people realize all the benefits of using twitter, even I was skeptical until I came upon the compilation of articles titled 10 Ways Twitter will Change American Business. Inspired to learn more I set up my account and started to learn all about Twitter’s many uses and how they can help me and my company. Here are a few of the ways small business’s can get started using Twitter.

1. Micro-blogging: What Twitter is known for, the 140 word posts members create to share everything and anything. These mini-posts are a great way to share news and product updates with your clients and prospects. Coming up with creative hooks and then attaching a link to your latest blog or press release will help draw your follows and other Twitter members to your website.

2. Direct Messages: These allow you to send a personal message to any of your followers. It is a great way to network and also to respond to any questions directed at your company on fellow Twitter member pages.

3. Invites: You will notice that a lot of websites now have links to “Follow us on Twitter”. Sending out an e-mail blast when you first make your page is a great way to inform people about your page and it gives them another place to not only find information about your company but also communicate with you. Putting the link at the bottom of future e-mails and your website pages allows people who may not have gotten the original e-mail or did not accept the invite to choose to follow you.

4. Twellow: The Twitter yellow pages. It lists people by industry and allows you to read a little about them. You can also list your company on Twellow.

Twitter has proven extremely useful for big business’s such as Zappos who have learned how to use Twitter to their advantage. It is time for small business’s to follow their lead and start using Twitter as another social media networking tool as well. Using these helpful hints is a great way to get started with Twitter.

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