Twitter Tips: Advanced

Now that we have covered the basics, it is time to learn what Twitter can really offer you. Twitter has many applications available from helping you stop your smoking habit (Qwitter Tobacco) to traffic updates (Commuter Feed) but we will focus on the ones that can help you and your business. Here are 2 great FREE applications that can help you improve your company’s twittering technique.

1. First, it is time to get organized. Tweetdeck is a great application to use. It is a “traffic controller” of Twitter. Tweetdeck has a user friendly interface that separates different categories such as friends and searches into columns. You can post tweets, see who is tweeting about you, sync with your facebook, post photos and videos, and basically stay informed with real time updates from people and topics that you care about.

2. CoTweet is a great tool that acts as a CRM for Twitter. It syncs multiple Twitter users to the company’s Twitter page, and allows multiple users to post tweets and even shows all users on the Twitter page, so people reading the tweets know who they are coming from. It has many features including the ability to track conversations, assign roles, create follow-up tasks, and even share internal notes with other team members. Companies can customize their CoTweet dashboard to view certain replies, searches, direct messages, and more!

These applications are a great way to take advantage of what Twitter can do for your business, and to start reaping the benefits that so many other companies have received from using Twitter.

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