The Truth About Industry Experts

People are fantastic at making excuses.

Seriously. If we are faced with something new and challenging, it takes us all of two seconds to rationalize why we should delay starting, or maybe not even pursue it at all.

Content marketing is a great example of this in the business world. On some level, every business knows they should be creating content. It generates leads, helps build relationships, and is golden for your SEO. But when it comes to actually getting started, businesses just have too many excuses to choose from.

One of the excuses thrown around most often in the SMB world is a lack of expertise. This excuse is especially troubling because it is a problem without a solution. If you don’t have the expertise to start creating, how will you ever get it? It’s not as if your industry holds a conference every year to decide who deserves to be the industry experts.

However, most businesses know the truth behind most industry experts and their perceived credibility: expertise isn’t doled out to a select few. It is created by the experts themselves. It is created with hard work, promotion, and lots and lots of content.

Expertise isn’t doled out to a select few. It is created by the experts themselves.

This is good news for marketers. Anyone with the patience and persistence to create insightful, high quality content on a consistent basis has the ability to become an expert in their industry. Here are the three essential steps to creating your own expertise:

Put Your Name Out There

There has been some debate over if it’s better to publish content under the company name or under the name of individual authors. I think there are valid arguments on either side, but at the end of the day, people want to connect with authors, not companies.

Humans instinctively look to make connections with other humans. Readers will have a stronger response to your content if they know there is a human on the other side of it. They will reach out to form relationships, leave more insightful comments, and be more excited about future content if they can put a human face to what they are reading. And guess what? Forming relationships, starting conversations, and generating enthusiasm are all qualities of an industry expert.

Write About What You Know

The odds are pretty good that you care more about what’s going on in your industry than most. Believe it or not, not everyone shares your excitement about the latest research report, technological breakthrough, or mergers in your industry — but that’s a good thing.

All of that knowledge means you know a heck of a lot more about your industry than the rest of the world. That sounds suspiciously like expertise, doesn’t it? If you can repackage all of your insider information into interesting, easy-to-digest pieces of content, readers will click, read, and share the insights you have to offer.

Write Like an Expert

All of the knowledge and name recognition in the world will get you nowhere if you are not writing like an expert. Writing with confidence is what holds the whole operation together. It engages your readers, holds their interest, and gives your content its credibility.

As you write your next piece of content, pay close attention to your tone. Avoid using the passive voice wherever possible and use strong action words when offering advice. Provide your own personal experiences wherever possible; people will appreciate the insights. If your writing projects expertise, that is exactly how readers will perceive it.

While there are a hundred other excuses you could find for procrastinating content (even though you shouldn’t!), lack of expertise should never be one of them. With patience, persistence, and the right strategy, anyone with the right amount of knowledge and writing skill can become an expert in their industry.

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