#TrailblazerTipTuesday Roundup: Advice from Trailblazers in B2B Marketing (Part 3)

We’re recapping all of the great tips and tricks our Trailblazers in B2B Marketing shared during last month’s #TrailblazerTipTuesday campaign.

If you haven’t been following along, Pardot hosted a weekly social media takeover every Tuesday in August where B2B marketing geniuses shared their tips, tricks, advice, and best practices for how to be a B2B marketing super star across Twitter & LinkedIn with the hashtag #TrailblazerTipTuesdays.

The knowledge and insights shared were too good to exist only on social media, which is why we’re memorializing them forever on the Pardot blog every Tuesday during the month of September! Let’s look at a few of our favorites.

How to Track Marketing Channel Performance

One of the top priorities for any marketer is analyzing performance and maximizing ROI. An important metric is top-of-funnel lead generation, or understanding which channels are driving the most new leads to your database. Marcos Duran, CRM and Marketing Automation Strategist at Sercante, shares his tip for how create dynamic lists that will tell you just that.

How to Prioritize What Matters Most

With any robust Engagement Studio program, it might be tempting to get carried away building out every single action, trigger, or rule you can think of. But to make sure you’re prioritizing the details that matter most, Tigh Loughead, Salesforce MVP and NYC Pardot User Group Leader, recommends starting with the actions or metrics that are most important to the overall success of your campaign. From there, you can easily add on and build out the rest of the program, resting assured that success has already been accounted for.

How to Clean Up Your Data

Ah, clean data. As marketers, we know we need clean data to ensure our programs run correctly, but when things get crazy and life gets busy, taking the time to actually maintain data cleanliness falls on the back burner. But as Tyler Tuttle, Digital Marketing Manager at InCrowd, points out, whether you love it or hate it, data cleanliness is important. Check out his tip for how to efficiently clean your data with one-time use automation rules.

How to Restore Deleted Information

Have you ever accidentally deleted something that was super important and had that heart-stopping moment of panic where you thought you messed everything up forever? If that sounds familiar, have we got good news for you! Stephen Stouffer, Sr. Manager of Marketing Automation & Infrastructure at FireMon, highlights the incredible life-saving nature of the Pardot Recycle Bin and how it can help you undelete that super important thing.

How to Track Off-Line Customer Engagement

According to B2B Marketing Trends, 61% of marketers are looking for ways to facilitate online customer experiences with offline customer data. Lillie Beiting, Director of Data and Marketing Analytics at The Impact Partnership, shares a great tip for how marketers can connect offline conversion points with digital activities using Pardot campaigns, custom redirects, landing pages, call tracking numbers, segmentation rules, and Engagement Studio.

How to Up-level Your ABM

One of the most challenging things about account-based marketing is building out accurate representations of an account and ensuring that all of the company stakeholders are mapped appropriately. But with lead-to-account mapping, Salesforce can intelligently match leads to their correct accounts by leveraging email domain data and other criteria. Read more from Julie Edminster, Salesforce and Pardot Solutions Architect at Simplified Solutions.

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That’s it for our 3rd roundup of #TrailblazerTipTuesdays! Tune in next week for the finale event.

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