#TrailblazerTipTuesday Roundup: Advice from Trailblazers in B2B Marketing (Part 2)

Last month, Pardot hosted #TrailblazerTipTuesday, a weekly social media takeover where Trailblazers in B2B Marketing shared their tips, tricks, advice, and best practices for how to be a B2B marketing super star across Twitter & LinkedIn with the hashtag #TrailblazerTipTuesdays.

Our Trailblazers wow’d us with their expertise, which is why throughout the month of September, we’re rounding up the best #TrailblazerTipTuesday takeaways to help you supercharge your marketing strategy for the rest of 2019 and beyond (click here if you missed Part 1).

How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

Sometimes, the hardest part about starting something new is… getting started. That’s why Brent Healy, Salesforce Consultant at Valintry, wrote a blog, “How to Get Started with Marketing Automation,” where he shares the secret to implementation success: the Agile Methodology.

Similarly, Robert Gassmayr, Digital Marketing Specialist at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, echos the “step-by-step” mentality, especially when it comes to Engagement Studio.


How to Learn More about Pardot

As you’re getting started with marketing automation, the next step is to learn more about lead generation strategies, benchmarks for success, and in-depth product knowledge.

Along with our community of smart, supportive Trailblazers, the Pardot team is here to help! That’s why we’ve compiled a library of B2B Marketing Resources, endorsed by Stacey Cogswell, Salesforce Marketing Architect at Invado Solutions.

How to Set up a Pardot Training Environment

As Mike Creuzer advised in last week’s blog, TEST ALL THE THINGS. As you begin learning more about marketing automation, this is especially important. One easy way to “test all the things” is by setting up a Pardot Training Environment. Andrew Cook, Salesforce Admin at the Financial Times, shares the importance of training environments and where to go to get yours.

How to Keep Your Data Clean

Clean data is the lifeblood of good, personalized marketing. That’s why it’s so important to keep your data in tip-top shape, especially if you’re just getting started with marketing automation.

Take advantage of a clean slate by implementing form requirements that prevent junk emails. Erin Duncan, CRM and Marketing Automation Strategist at Sercante, shares how.

How to Trust Yourself and Celebrate Accomplishments

Here at Pardot, we love taking time to celebrate the amazing things that our customers and Trailblazers are accomplishing. It’s amazing to see how these leaders are shaping the future of B2B marketing and paving the way for where the industry is headed.

If you haven’t taken time to appreciate yourself in a while, check out this blog post by Andrea Tarrell, Principal and Founder of Sercante, to learn how to tackle imposter syndrome and celebrate your wins.

That wraps up another great week of #TrailblazerTipTuesdays on the Pardot blog. Tune in next week for Part 3!