Trailblazers In B2B Marketing Series: Tigh Loughhead

B2B marketers are doing some amazing things. In companies and industries of all shapes, sizes and scopes, they’re innovating, expanding, and delving deeper to bring their customers the experiences they demand. They’re taking on new and emerging technologies and creating incredible strategies, and most of all, they’re inspiring all of us to work harder, reach higher and go further. We’ve highlighted 30 of these amazing Trailblazers in B2B marketing magazine ‘The Pardot Trailblazer,’ and to commemorate it, we’re sharing more of their stories here every Wednesday on the Pardot Blog.

Without further ado, this week we’ll get To Know Tigh Loughhead, Marketing Director at ELEGRAN Real Estate & Development.

Tell us about yourself!

We’ve had many great accomplishments in 2017, however, one that stands out was building out a dynamic drip campaign built around buyer types and buying criteria, automatically triggering a countdown from a move-in date stored in Salesforce. With personalized and relevant messaging reflecting our buyers needs, our 60 agent firm was able to contract over $400m in sales, and are now regarded among the top firms in all of Manhattan.

Favorite Pardot campaign?

My favorite drip campaign was actually an internal Engagement Studio program with hidden easter eggs, set up to teach our sales team how marketing automation works, and how they could use Pardot to grow their business. I set up a series of training emails, using triggers and rules to grant access to new creative assets exclusively to users that opened and clicked on the emails. We went from a fairly sad 27% open rate on the first email to 100% engagement by the middle of the campaign, when my team realized they might be missing out on marketing materials.

Any fun facts?

My greatest passions in life are motorcycles and marketing. When I’m not meditating on marketing strategy, you can find me riding (mostly) Italian motorcycles around the world. Someday, I want to ride around the globe, but for now I keep a travelogue of my journeys at

What does Pardot mean to you?

Pardot is a platform that has allowed my team to leverage Salesforce to align our sales and marketing teams, building transparency and accountability, creating a true lead ecosystem with continual engagement at every step in a buyers’ journey. Additionally, the Pardot Trailblazer Community has been an amazing group of welcoming, informative, brilliant marketing automation rockstars that I’m proud to know. “

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