Trailblazers In B2B Marketing Series: Erika Wong

B2B marketers are doing some amazing things. In companies and industries of all shapes, sizes and scopes, they’re innovating, expanding, and delving deeper to bring their customers the experiences they demand. They’re taking on new and emerging technologies and creating incredible strategies, and most of all, they’re inspiring all of us to work harder, reach higher and go further. We’ve highlighted 30 of these amazing Trailblazers in B2B marketing magazine ‘The Pardot Trailblazer,’ and to commemorate it, we’re sharing more of their stories here every Wednesday on the Pardot Blog.

Without further ado, we’ll meet Erika Wong, Director of Marketing Automation at Intralinks. She’s implemented quite a few impactful campaigns utilizing dynamic content that has seen increases in both engagement and prospect interactions. She’s also spent a significant amount of time localizing Intralinks email preference center into 10 languages to offer customers a better and more customized experience.

Any Fun Facts?

Despite an aversion to running, I’ve participated in a 200 mile relay race for each of the past 4 years. 2018 will be my 5th year running!

What does Pardot mean to you?

The thing I value most about Pardot is that they are always willing to listen and solicit feedback to make their product and processes better. Every tool has their pros and cons, but for me that willingness to listen to their customers and give us a platform to help them make their product better (and in turn our jobs easier) is their biggest differentiator.

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