Trailblazers In B2B Marketing Series: Brian Schmid

B2B marketers are doing some amazing things. In companies and industries of all shapes, sizes and scopes, they’re innovating, expanding, and delving deeper to bring their customers the experiences they demand. They’re taking on new and emerging technologies and creating incredible strategies, and most of all, they’re inspiring all of us to work harder, reach higher and go further. We’ve highlighted 30 of these amazing Trailblazers in B2B marketing magazine ‘The Pardot Trailblazer,’ and to commemorate it, we’re sharing more of their stories here on the Pardot Blog.

Without further ado, in this first post of our series, we’ll meet Brian Schmid, Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Experience at VinSolutions and Cox Auto, and learn how he identifies the best way to connect with customers, and leverages Salesforce Engage to help power his sales team.

Tell us about yourself!

I helped re-align the sales and marketing teams at VinSolutions and Cox Automotive. It started with reevaluating our lead processes and developing various models which introduced sales into the buying cycle earlier on. Getting both marketing and sales to align on the same process can be difficult in any business, so this was no small feat.

Any fun-facts?

I’ve had a beard since 1999. I look 14 years-old without it, so I feel like I owe a lot of my success to it. It encourages people to take me seriously, while also keeping me warm during the cold Kansas winters.

What’s a favorite Pardot campaign you’ve run?

My favourite Pardot campaign is our Prospect Nurture program. We’re able to identify what buying phase our prospects are in based on what content they interact with. Then we place them into a track designed to feed them content that moves them into the next phase. By using Engage to equip sales with complimentary content, it works well to accelerate leads through the pipeline, regardless of what phase they’re in.

What does Pardot mean to you?

Organizations where sales and marketing are aligned are proven to grow faster and become more profitable. To me, Pardot is a way for us to attain alignment, provide sales with prospect insight and give them a way to act on that insight in an effective way. It’s a tool that helps build stronger cooperation and collaboration between the two groups.

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    • Hi Damian, we’re working on releasing a digital version of our Trailblazer Magazine, but right now you can pick up a print version if you’re attending one of our Salesforce World Tour events!

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