Top Content of 2013: Social Media Roundup

The holidays may be coming to an end, but we still have plenty of “top” content to go through before the year is up. So far, our 2013 content roundups have covered content marketing, sales optimization, and email marketing. Today’s roundup will focus on an equally important player in the marketing game: social media.

From Facebook hashtags and embedded posts to Twitter cards, marketers had a lot to keep track of when it came to social media this year. Let’s take a look back at some of our top-performing social media content, and see what we should be keeping in mind as we form our social goals for 2014.

“Social media IS measurable.”

Thought you couldn’t track social media beyond simple metrics like tweets and likes? This article explains some of the richer, more meaningful metrics you can use to track your social media efforts, from engagement metrics to social media ROI.


“Social media can be a powerful event marketing tool.”

Social media isn’t only useful when it comes to promoting events. It’s also helpful throughout the course of the event itself. If you’re attending or sponsoring an event next year, try out one (or more!) of these seven social media tactics to help boost your event marketing efforts.


“How about that? Facebook embedded posts can be useful!”

Remember when Facebook introduced embedded posts earlier this year? If you haven’t had a chance to experiment with this new feature, which operates very similarly to Twitter’s embedded Tweets, take a look at this post to get a few creative ideas for incorporating these fun posts into your marketing strategy.


“Social media requires etiquette.”

As we all know, a simple social media mistake can easily turn into a PR nightmare. Avoid doing something you’ll regret by taking a look at this fun post, which explores ten common social media mistakes and your audience’s likely reactions, told through animated GIFs.


“There’s a fine line between social selling and being creepy.”

One selling tactic that rose in prominence this year was social selling. While selling through social channels can be highly effective, it can also border on creepy if not done properly.

“You can rock social media with only thirty minutes a day.”

Even if you only have thirty minutes each day to allot to social media, you should still have plenty of time to engage with your audience, schedule out posts, and more — you just need a strategy. Use this SlideShare presentation or our helpful infographic to find out what you need to do to rock your social media channels, even with limited time on your hands.


Stay tuned for our last content roundup next week!