Top 5 Twitter Lists for B2B Marketers

If you’re like most b2b marketers, it can be hard to stay on top of industry news, helpful tips, and relevant blog posts. That’s why we’ve come to rely so heavily on tools like google reader and Twitter to parse through the crazy amounts of content out there and give us up-to-date feeds of what’s most relevant to us.

To help users find that relevant content, Twitter gives them the ability to create and subscribe to lists, or curated groups of Twitter users grouped together by interest or industry. Marketers don’t always have the time to go out and find all of the industry influencers that they should be following. Subscribing to a list does a lot of that work for you. To cut down on even more time, we’ve tracked down the top 5 Twitter lists for marketers. Check them out below:

#1. Marketing, curated by Pete Cashmore of Mashable

This one is pretty easy. If you’re a marketer, you’ll probably want to subscribe to Mashable’s “Marketing” list. Tweets come from 51 marketers and marketing experts, including the CEO of Zappos, marketers and advertisers at Ad Age and Ogilvy, industry analysts, and popular editorial teams.

#2. Most Influential in Tech, curated by Robert Scoble

If you’re in the marketing industry, you need to have an understanding of the technology around you. With so much of marketing now depending on software and online tools, it’s important to stay up to date on the tech industry. The “Most Influential in Tech” list curates tweets from 275 of the most influential people in the technology industry, like Chris Anderson of TED and various CEOs, founders, and presidents of powerful tech companies.

#3. Social Media, curated by Pete Cashmore of Mashable

With all of the social media hype, it’s helpful to have a list of industry influencers and thought leaders to help you keep up. Social Media, a public list by Mashable, has 102 members ranging from social media managers and experts to writers, editors, and social media management companies. You’ll get helpful blog posts, quick tips, and fun social media-related content when you subscribe.

#4. CMO, curated by Miles Jennings

If you’re looking for industry leaders, check out this list made up of 254 marketing executives and Chief Marketing Officers. Tweets cover industry trends, marketing tips and stats, and news about social media and technology. Subscribe to get updates from some of the best and brightest in the field, and take notes on what kind of content they’re putting out or promoting to their followers.

#5. Creatives to Watch, curated by Behance

Twitter isn’t all about industry news, blog posts, and trends. It’s also a creative outlet. If you’d like to see how 137 of the top creative minds on Twitter are promoting their content, subscribe to Behance’s “Creatives to Watch” list. Members include designers, founders of creative agencies, and innovative marketers.

Of course, there are tons of Twitter lists out there that you can subscribe to based on your interests, motivations, and specific industries. But these are great starting points for marketers looking for more niche, up-to-date content. Are there any other lists that you’d recommend?