Top 5 Highlights from Pardot’s #DF15 Keynote Session

As much as we would have loved for all of our friends, clients, and employees to make it to our keynote session at Dreamforce, we know that’s not exactly a reality. Fortunately, we’re bringing the keynote to you with a complete recording (including video!) and a few special highlights.

On September 17th, Pardot GM and co-founder Adam Blitzer took the stage to talk about the trends that he’s seeing in B2B marketing and sales, and how marketing automation fits into the big picture. He was also joined by a number of special guests, from the Senior Brand Manager at Stanley Black & Decker to a couple of surprise comedians. Watch the full recording below — or if you don’t have time to view the full session, check out some of the notable moments outlined in the rest of this article:

1. Adam reveals his not-so-secret background as a judoka.

A little-known fact about Adam is that prior to founding Pardot, he spent twenty years of his life practicing judo, four of which were actually spent in Japan training and competing at a high level. Little did Adam know at the time, his judo skills would come in handy years later when he founded Pardot marketing automation. Now, Adam sees many of the same traits that he learned in judo being incorporated into modern B2B marketing and selling, from flexibility to adaptiveness. Learn more by checking out the recording at 1:05.

2. Buyer paths are changing — but are those paths ending in purchase?

At this point, every B2B marketer or sales rep has acknowledged (and hopefully come to terms with the fact) that buyers are creating their own paths to purchase.The problem is that these “paths to purchase” are often hitting dead ends due to a number of different factors. For many organizations, the missing piece of the puzzle is insight into buyer pain points, activities, motivations, and interests. Without this information, today’s marketers and sales reps will have a hard time working together to personalize the selling process and help their buyers progress through the sales cycle. Learn more about how marketing automation can help at 3:00.

3. Sales and marketing alignment often resembles a modern day soap opera —literally.

At several points throughout the keynote, Adam takes a break from the presentation for a little something we like to call “The Young & The Leadless,” a sales and marketing soap opera acted out by comedian duo Stephen Kearin and Jo McGinley. I’ll let them do the talking — you can check out their skits at 5:20, 12:10, and 40:20.

4. Pardot marketing automation and Salesforce Engage can help you speak the language of the customer.

Buyer paths may be changing, but B2B marketers and sales reps don’t have to get left in the dust. In fact, marketers and sales reps can help enable these empowered buyers on their paths to purchase using targeted communications and real-time buyer insights. With information about buyer pain points, interests, and motivations, it’s possible to stay with your buyers through every step of their journey.

Shannon Duffy, VP of Marketing at Pardot, and Ryan Barretto, VP of Sales, walked through a demo of Pardot marketing automation and Salesforce Engage to showcase how sales and marketing can work together to better reach today’s buyer. Take a look at the recording at 17:00 to view the full demo, including a sneak peek of Pardot’s Engagement Studio.

5. Stanley Black and Decker shares their experiences with Pardot marketing automation.

At 27:00, Adam invited Alan English, Senior Brand Manager at Stanley Black & Decker, onto the stage to talk about his company’s experience using Pardot. With a very lean sales and marketing organization, Stanley Black & Decker has been able to better use their resources to reach their end users in a targeted, intentional way. Check out their Q&A to learn more about how their marketing team is leveraging marketing automation to target and segment their users, how their sales team is personalizing every conversation, and how the two teams are working together and winning together.

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