Top 10 Things to Consider Before Creating a Landing Page

Consider these ten points before you embark on creating your landing page.  They will keep you focused as you brainstorm and build your page.

  1. The specific topic the landing page is about
  2. The goal of the landing page
  3. Who you want to view the landing page
  4. How you will maintain your brand image
  5. What contact information you need from visitors
  6. Appropriate fields and number of fields to include on the form without overwhelming the visitors
  7. Keep the message specific and to the point, don’t make it a sales pitch
  8. Make a good first impression
  9. Keep the landing page above the fold of the page  i.e. keep the page at an appropriate length so visitors do not have to scroll down to view any important information
  10. Don’t include external links that could lead to visitors navigating away from the page