Email Marketing: Timing is Everything

If you use email in your marketing strategy, you put a great deal of effort into tweaking your emails to maximize open and click-through rates. You experiment, test, and retest adjustments to copy, content, subject line and a hundred other variables, just to see that uptick in your key metrics.

However, even the most finely tuned email may not get opened if it is sent at the wrong time.

While the ideal email send time changes based on a number of variables (industry, content, segment, etc.), the email genome project over at MailChimp has given us a much clearer picture of larger email trends. After analyzing over a billion emails, they’ve found a few trends you can safely act on:

Send in the Middle of the Week?
The highest volume of opens occurs on Thursdays, with Tuesday and Wednesday close behind. Sending your emails during the middle of the week rather than Monday or Friday should give you higher open rates on your emails.

?And in early afternoon
MailChimp’s analysis indicates that the best time to send an email may not be first thing in the morning as previously thought. Open rates are at their highest in early afternoon, around 1:30PM. Sending your emails right after lunch may produce higher open rates than emails sent first thing in the morning.