The Psychology of Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

The amount of emphasis put on leads these days is staggering. Sales is constantly demanding more, marketers are always trying new ways to find them, and a large part of marketing success is tied to the number of leads generated.

This quest for more leads is what drives companies to implement exciting new technology like marketing automation: to capitalize on lead nurturing, streamline processes with lead scoring and grading, and utilize advanced reporting to perfect their marketing campaigns. There is however, another change marketers can make to generate results that isn’t tied to technology at all: understanding the psychology of conversions.

The decision making process follows a relatively predictable pattern, with triggers that influence and guide consumer behavior. Understanding these triggers can change the way consumers perceive your marketing and can make your conversion points irresistible to your audience.

To help give marketers this competitive edge, we’ve put together a brand new eBook, “Using Psychology to Increase Conversions,” that covers five common psychological triggers that you can use in your marketing to influence consumers and ultimately drive more conversions. So grab your free copy of the eBook and enjoy the helpful infographic highlighting the key takeaways below!


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