The Psychology Driving Conversions [SlideShare]

How often are you considering human psychology when planning your marketing campaigns?

I would venture a guess that “Um, not very often,” would be a standard response from most marketers. However, as Dan Ariely, Professor of Behavioral Economics, at Duke University points out, you might be missing out on a major opportunity:

“For millennia, the best salespeople have known how to exploit the vulnerabilities of the human mind. In the burgeoning field of behavioral economics, we’ve begun to give precise names to the mental weaknesses that make us all susceptible to a well-crafted pitch.”

Sound a little far fetched? Well behavioral economics is already guiding the marketing of some of the world’s largest brands. From Amazon to Facebook, companies are using simple psychology to make us stay on their sites longer, come back more often, and purchase their products more.

The tips and strategies gleaned from behavioral economics can have just as great an influence on your marketing success as they do for the major companies listed above. That is why we’ve created our brand new white paper “Using Psychology to Increase Conversions” and made it free for download. Learn how small tweaks can hack your consumer’s brain to make your offers more appealing, your calls to action more irresistible, and your marketing campaigns true crowd pleasers.

Check out the slide deck below for some quick tips on how to start hacking your consumer’s brains, and download the full whitepaper to start becoming a marketing master today!

Psychology of conversions