The Little Black Book of Sales and Marketing Alignment [Microsite]

Just yesterday, we published a new e-book that made the following promise: with Pardot marketing automation and Salesforce® Engage (a new solution from Pardot launched just this week!), your sales and marketing teams can become the new power couple — no matter how at odds they may seem.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean “power couple” in the traditional Jay-Z and Beyonce sense. What we’re talking about are two teams that rely on each other to succeed. Two teams that work together, and two teams that win together.

Today, we’d like to offer another resource to take this idea one step further: the Little Black Book of Sales and Marketing Alignment. To help sales and marketing teams achieve “power couple” status, we’ve built an animated microsite that takes tried-and-true relationship success tips and applies them to the realm of B2B marketing and sales (there are more parallels than you might think!).

Learn how sales and marketing super teams across the globe are using principles like trust, transparency, communication, support, and more to overcome common challenges (think first fights, tricky budget chats, jealousy — oh, and poor lead quality). We’ve even provided power couple profiles that you can use to decide which traits your two teams need to prioritize, depending on your current strengths and business goals (don’t worry — it’s not a Buzzfeed quiz!).

The Little Black Book helps you align your two teams to market smarter and sell faster. Plus, it’s fun! Check out a few previews from the microsite below, and click on any of the images to view the full animated experience!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.08.56 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.15.14 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.29.35 AM

Want more? Get chapters three through five (plus the animated version of the chapters displayed here!) by clicking on the images above or the banner below!

sales and marketing alignment microsite