The Current State of Email Marketing in 9 Fascinating Stats [#SlideShare]

The other day I came across the claim that 16% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Wait, what? Doesn’t that seem absurdly low? I dug a little deeper and realized that statistic came from a study conducted in 2011. No wonder it seemed off; it was four years out of date.

Being able to find the answer to any question with just a few keystrokes is pretty wonderful, but we also run the risk of encountering outdated information—especially when it comes to the ever-evolving state of technology. For that reason, we’ve pulled together some of the most recent email marketing stats so you can get a better picture of the current industry landscape.

Oh, and for those of you wondering—the share of emails opened on mobile devices? It’s closer to 67% these days, and that number is sure to keep growing.

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