The Best of Email Marketing from 2015

Growing up, my mother was an avid watcher of The Oprah Winfrey Show, so naturally, I watched it with her. Of course, I didn’t care much for the show, unless it was an episode of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Who can forget “YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU! AND YOU.” So today, to recap the 2015 year in email and set you up for the most success in 2016, I figured I would share some of my top advice from the Pardot blog and some articles from my favorite bloggers in the email industry. (Think of it like an episode of Skyler’s Favorite Things: Email Edition.)

My Top Picks: The Pardot Blog

This list is a compilation of some of the top ideas I’d like for you to take away from 2015 to incorporate into your 2016 email plan. It’s not a list explaining how awesome my blog posts are. Because you already knew that, right? 🙂

1. A Break up Letter to Terrible Opt-in Processes

It’s no secret that I am extremely fond of writing themed blog posts, and this one was my absolute favorite to write. If you do nothing else this year, please make sure your email opt in process is thoughtfully built and doesn’t force me into an email relationship I never asked to be in.

2. The Worst Word Ever: Burying the Email “Blast” & Building New Relationships

I cannot stand the term “email blast.” There are way better ways to describe an email send, and this post outlines some of those better ways to communicate.

3. 5 Email Marketing Swear Words to Stop Using Today

No, really, the term “email blast” has got to go. This article also outlines why “double opt-in” isn’t the best term to use to describe confirmed opt-in, so it’s a good one to read if you’re new to the email marketing scene or could use a refresher course in vocabulary.

4. 7 and a Half Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability

This article provides some top action items to help you get your email deliverability on track. There’s no fast way to a solid email sending reputation, but some of the points outlined here will help you put a deliverability plan in place.

5. How to Avoid the 9 Circles of Email Hell

Rounding out this list is a themed post based on Dante’s Inferno as it relates to email sending. This article is an overview of some things you should be considering in your overall marketing program to ensure you stay on the right side of email deliverability and don’t fall into common email temptations.

My Top Picks: Outside the Pardot blog

This list is all about a few fantastic articles I’ve read outside the Pardot blog that deserve to be shared over and over and over again. The advice is excellent, the writing is entertaining, and each article does a phenomenal job of giving you something different to think about around your marketing program.

1. Purchased Lists and ESPS from Word to the Wise

Out of the hundreds of blog posts I’ve read this year (yes, hundreds, I like doing my research), this one easily takes the cake for the best blog post of 2015. Laura does a fantastic job of doing her research and laying out precisely which email service providers will not allow purchased lists, with direct links to that provider’s permission-based marketing policy. She also provides some great information regarding precisely why that list is so long and why email service providers simply will not take the risk of allowing you to send to purchased lists. The writing on every post is snappy, approachable, and easy for all audiences to read and understand. I’d highly recommend staying up to date with this blog!

2. Great Content: The Other Way to Address Complaint Rates from Returnpath

Returnpath consistently produces interesting content, and they do an excellent job presenting it in an easily digestible way. If you’re having issues with complaint rates or engagement, this entire article is a tremendous checklist to print out and answer the questions they lay out in this post. Definitely well worth a read!

3. 6 Retail Email Marketing Priorities for 2015 from Salesforce

I know, it seems like I’m shamelessly promoting Salesforce, but hear me out, because I actually want to focus on Chad White, the writer for this post. He (quite literally) wrote the book on rules for email marketing, and this blog post gives you a fantastic glimpse into the knowledge he has on all things marketing related. Do not miss the slide deck at the bottom! It’s 54 slides long, but the advice he provides is gold.

4. How Many Subscribers Do You Need in Your Email List? from Socialmouths

This article has it all: it’s creative, the writing style is fun and engaging, and it provides some really good points to think about as you grow your email lists. He actually takes the time to do the math on how many subscribers you actually need to reach your goals, and explains it in a way that’s approachable and interesting to read.

Are there any articles you’ve read that you think deserve to make the cut? Tweet to me at @holobachgirl with your suggestions!

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