The B2B Marketer’s Road to Dreamforce Playlist

Dreamforce is just around the corner, and we’re already counting down the days and getting ready for the best event of the year. In case you missed the Road to Dreamforce for Marketers, our team covered all of the essentials to help get you Dreamforce-ready with must-attend sessions and events tailored just for you!

Speaking of the Road to Dreamforce, what’s the one thing that every great road trip needs?

An epic playlist!

That’s why the Pardot marketing team put together The B2B Marketer’s Road to Dreamforce Playlist. So whether you’re scrolling Agenda Builder to plan your perfect session lineup, setting aside time to dial in to the Dreamforce Live Stream from your desk, or packing your bags for San Francisco, we’re bringing you all of the best B2B bops for Trailblazers in B2B Marketing.

1. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

Sometimes, that marketing campaign or product launch doesn’t go as planned, but that’s okay! Learn from the experience, shake it off, and keep moving forward.

2. “Magic” by B.o.B. (feat. Rivers Cuomo)

When your message is perfectly tailored to each and every individual prospect by leveraging dynamic content and variable tags… almost as if by magic ✨

3. “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

Because B2B marketers know that the best customer experiences are personalized.

4. “Don’t Stop Me” Now by Queen

When you’re on a roll after that fourth double-shot Pumpkin Spice Latte (or is that just us?).

5. “(Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding

The Road to Dreamforce leads to that ‘Frisco Bay.

6. “The Greatest” by Sia and Kendrick Lamar

Make sure to take time to celebrate your accomplishments. You, after all, are one of the greatest B2B marketers in the game!

7. “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida

When you crush those pipeline targets ?

8. “Better Together” by Jack Johnson

Marketing and sales, always better together!

9. “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips

When you’re midway through an event, losing your voice, but you stick it out during booth duty to collect all those hot leads for your sales team. Hold on for one more day!

10. “Alright” by Darius Rucker

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that it’s the simple things in life, like GIFs and playlists about Dreamforce ?

11. “Focus” by Ariana Grande

Whether you’re focusing on that target account or that next promotion, you got this!

12. “Dangerous” by Big Data

With all that personalized prospect tracking, you’ll be “dangerous”when building out that next marketing campaign.

13. “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson

When you send that qualified lead over to your sales team.

14. “Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys

When you break out your classic Backstreet Boys dance moves for everybody at that Dreamforce after-party ?

15. “Down” by Jay Sean and Lil Wayne

Hey Mr. Prospect! Are you down.. to talk to my sales team?

16. “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez

There’s a lot of “noise” out there, and as marketers, we have to create a message that cuts through and reaches our target audience. What better way than to listen to JLo and get loud!

17. “All the Small Things” by Blink182

Whether you’re adding the finishing details to your yearly user conference, or putting together a complex Engagement Studio program, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

18. “This is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris and Rihanna

When you embrace your inner Rihanna and you absolutely crush your presentation at Dreamforce!

19. “Oops! I Did It Again” by Britney Spears

Oops, did I just close another deal?! Yes, because I’m awesome.

20. “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

When its the last week of the month, and your only 50% to goal.. but you know just passed a bunch of spicy leads to your sales team! ? ? ?

While you’re jammin’ to this playlist, stay tuned for more information about all of the great keynotes, sessions, and activities that we have planned for B2B marketers at #DF19. Trust us — you won’t want to miss it!

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