The 4 Stages of B2B Nurturing Campaigns

Where your consumers are in the sales funnel is often a mystery, but should it be?

With today’s complex buying cycle, it can be difficult to tell when consumers have moved from one stage of the buying cycle to the next — especially when modern consumers aren’t even approaching companies until they’re already two-thirds of the way through the sales cycle. This uncertainty can make communicating with your prospects difficult, but not impossible — particularly if you have a tool like lead nurturing at your disposal.

With lead nurturing, you can move prospects from the beginning stages of the sales cycle to close (and beyond!) by “dripping” marketing content to them over time. The beauty of this tool is that it gives consumers the power to reach out to sales when they’re ready, rather than the other way around. After all, according to a recent report by DemandGen, 90% of business buyers say when they’re ready to buy, they’ll find you.

So what does the lifecycle of a typical B2B nurturing campaign look like? Let’s take a look at the 4 stages below (and if you want a deeper look, check out our Lifecycle of Nurturing Campaigns Flowchart):

Step 1. Engage

Start your new email subscribers on a drip campaign that introduces them to your product or service. Get them excited and keep them engaged by sending fun (yet helpful) introductory content.

Step 2. Educate

Turn your leads into educated buyers by “dripping” helpful content to them over time. Tailor your campaigns to their interests so that content is always as relevant as possible.

Step 3. Close

Bring your prospects closer to close by sending them content that positions your company as an industry leader. Focus on ROI and don’t be afraid to throw in a well-timed promotion or special discount to give your prospects the push they need.

Step 4. Retain

Just because your prospects have become customers, that doesn’t mean your work is over. Try out some upsell campaigns to get them interested in your other products, and renewal campaigns for customers who are approaching the ends of their contracts.

Want a more in-depth look at the lifecycle of B2B nurturing campaigns? Download the full (free) flowchart here to get some more helpful tips and fun statistics.

lead nurturing lifecycle

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3 thoughts on “The 4 Stages of B2B Nurturing Campaigns

  • Nice article Jenna. What we actually planned to do is to keep a close look on what a potential customer is actually doing on website post email campaign. User are taken into different categories based on time on website they spend and progress through sales funnel. Then different campaign massages are sent to different groups of customers. Only once we see a potential customer leaving the website without buying but having the product in cart. We target them with special discount offers.

    • Thanks for the comment! It sounds like you are already doing some great things with lead nurturing. Targeting your potential customers with discount offers once they have a product in their cart is a smart way to encourage them to take that final step. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us!

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