The New & Improved Email Design Lookbook

At Pardot, we often get questions about email marketing and email template design best practices, which makes sense considering that 73% of marketers believe email is core to their business. In fact, according to Marketing Cloud’s newly released 2015 State of Marketing report, 20% of businesses’ primary revenue sources are directly linked to email operations — up 4% from last year. And just in case you’re not on stat overload just yet, here’s one more: according to the survey, 79% of marketers consider “email content and design” to be critical to email effectiveness.

79% of marketers consider email content and design to be critical to email effectiveness.

So we understand why you want to get it right! That’s why we’re constantly striving to bring you the best practices and inspiration that will keep you on the path to success. One such resource we’ve created for this purpose is our Email Design Lookbook, which showcases example email templates created by Pardot clients. The Lookbook provides B2B marketers with a list of guidelines, best practices, and creative they can emulate when crafting their own emails.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 2.13.28 PMLet’s take a moment to dive even deeper. What happens if we get more specific with our emails, and start getting into newsletters, lead nurturing emails, webinar promotions, and other types of targeted communications? Are there different guidelines and template considerations for each? The answer, unsurprisingly, is yes. Take a look at a few examples below.

Your Company Newsletter

The 2015 State of Marketing report reveals that newsletters are the most commonly used type of email communication; however, they rank slightly lower than other email types for overall effectiveness at 66%. This suggests that company newsletters could use a little more attention. Check out our recent article on newsletter best practices, but for the sake of brevity: try to create a template that’s fun and appealing, and be sure to include plenty of options for recipients to click through to additional content on your site.

Lead Nurturing Emails

If you’ve ever attended a Pardot webinar or heard a speech by Mathew Sweezey, then you know that we’re big proponents of using plain text emails for nurturing programs, especially for emails that are intended to look like 1:1 sales communications. While these don’t require much heavy-lifting as far as design goes, many companies question the content that goes into one of these emails. We’ve recently written a few guides to nurturing email content, including sales nurturing programs and cold lead programs, but for those who are more visual learners, take a look at two real-life examples from Pardot clients in the Email Lookbook.

Webinar Follow-ups

Recent marketing trends indicate that more and more people are registering for webinars, but opting to view the recording after the fact instead of attending the webinar itself. For this reason, your webinar follow-up emails are more crucial than ever. Since your webinar registrants are already expecting a presentation slide deck or additional resources, and have expressed interest in a particular topic through their registration, you have an opportunity to provide highly-targeted content catered to their interests. Include plenty of relevant links and content in your webinar follow-ups (in addition to slides and/or a recording).

Looking for best practices for other types of emails? Take a look at our complete 2015 Email Design Lookbook by clicking on the banner below — and start collecting email design inspiration from ten of our own Pardot clients.

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