Testing the “View Online” Tag

The “View Online” tag (%%view_online%%) allows you to create an online version of your emails for recipients who may have trouble viewing HTML messages. When inserted, the tag creates a web version of your email to be viewed in a browser. The web version will display the HTML version of the email message, even if the prospect received the text version of a multi-part (text and HTML) email.

It is best to hyperlink text because a URL will be substituted for the tag. Please see example below:

The “View Online” tag creates a personalized URL for each viewer, which does not allow the web version to be generated if you are using the “Send Test Email” button as part of the email sending wizard or the email template builder.

In order to test your “View Online” link, you will need to create yourself as a prospect and send yourself an email by following the steps below.

Sending Test Emails With Yourself As a Prospect (variable tag data inserted)

  1. Create a test list
    • Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Lists.
    • Click +Add List.
    • Name the list something like “Internal Test List.”
    • If sending to only one individual, you do not need to create a list.
  2. Create yourself as a prospect
    • Make sure that you are not already a prospect in the system.
    • Navigate to Prospects > Prospects List.
    • Click the +Add Prospect.
    • Create a prospect for each email address that you would like to test.
    • Be sure to add each prospect to the test list.
    • If you would like to send an email to only one individual, you do not need to add them to a list.
  3. Send yourself an email
    • If you would like to send an email to only one individual, you can do this by clicking on their email address in the prospect profile and filling out the send email form.
    • If you are sending to a test list:
      • Navigate to the Marketing > Email > New Email.
      • Follow the email wizard steps.
      • Select in the email template for the appropriate test.
      • Make sure that you select your test list in Step 4: Recipients.
      • When the email arrives in your inbox, it should include all variable tag data.
        • For example, if you used the %%first_name%% tag, you should see your name displayed.
        • Links will also be tracked/rewritten by the system and will appear using your vanity tracker domain.