Take Advantage of Marketing Automation and Click-Through Data

I just read a MarketingProfs article about the importance of using your click-through data.  The article suggested that you market your product to those who have clicked on links within your email.  Sounds simple but does that mean you have to tediously analyze your data to pin point those who have clicked on your links.  Then to go in and create a list comprised of those names, now this is sounding laborious.

Fortunately with marketing automation the process is anything but long and complicated.  Marketing automation does just what its name implies, it automates your marketing initiatives.  So if you want to follow up with your prospects who have clicked into your links, as MarketingProfs suggests, you can do just that in a few simple steps.

All you need to do is create a drip program.  A drip program is an automated email nurturing solution.  You can send a normal email blast and then attach specific rules for the program to follow.  Follow up emails can be sent after a specified time, sales reps can be notified or assigned according to certain actions by prospects, or the prospect can be added to a new list.  Additionally, you can send emails catered to those viewers who click on a link and also to the viewers who do not click on a link.

Using a drip program ensures every touch point in your email campaign is taken care of.  Nurturing is provided automatically, eliminating the headaches associated with the hassles of analyzing and coordinating data.

As the MarketingProfs article states, it is much easier to go after those prospects who are already informed about your product or service.  Also those who are informed many times are those who are interested, so the drip program with automated email responses to clicks on specific links within emails will cater specifically to those leads.  And as I mentioned before you can even send follow up emails to those who did not click on a link.  Use another email to entice them ideally to the position of a won opportunity.  The drip program doesn’t have to stop there either, it can continue on incorporating various other automation rules.