Support ending for Rapleaf Connector on 12/31/2010

At Pardot, one of our core strategies for delivering terrific functionality has been partnering with market leaders and making their features available via Connectors (Google Analytics,, Twilio, etc.). While this gives us tremendous flexibility in terms of offering access to leading partner applications, it also means that our ability to offer those services can be dependent on changes within those organizations.

Unfortunately we will be ending support for our Rapeaf connector on December 31, 2010 due to significant changes in their service, primarily as a result of policy moves by major social networks. Although Rapleaf still offers demographic data (very useful in B2C scenarios), it is no longer able to deliver social network profile information on prospects, and as such renders our connector much less effective. We are looking into alternative sources of social data, but the vast majority that we have seen were sourcing their data from Rapleaf and have also lost access to this information so for the time being we will be removing the connector.

What will happen at the end of the year?

  • Prospects will no longer have a picture/image next to their names.
  • Prospects will not have Twitter or Facebook links.
  • The Social information tab will be removed from prospect profiles.

Please contact your client advocate or our support team with any questions.


Update: This discontinued Rapleaf connector has now been replaced by a Qwerly connector, which provides very similar functionality. 

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