How to Supercharge Your Email Marketing Efficiency with Salesforce Engage

How much time does your staff spend writing emails? Emails are the backbone of B2B marketing. They’re one of the best ways for us to build our relationships with customers. But if your sales team is spending more than 20 seconds at a time drafting emails to send to prospects, it could be impacting company performance. At the Corrao Group, we wanted to help our sales team increase their efficiency and better align with our marketing team to create a more streamlined process for the buyer, so we implemented Salesforce Engage.

Our staff would spend upwards of 10-15 minutes typing out a standard email response to a client and/or partner. Since “50% of Sales goes to the rep that responds first” (, we knew we could not continue this manual, time-consuming process. We had to be able to respond quickly and promptly, at any moment’s notice. Ultimately, we knew we had to be first, and not just that. Being first is one thing, but it doesn’t always mean you get the deal. Knowing that “78% of B2B buyers expect sales representatives to personalize interactions based on information from their online activities” (IDC, 2015), we knew we’d also need quick insights into a lead’s activity history and the ability to quickly contact them with significant information. Our response has to be meaningful, it has to be relevant.

The next step was getting a more complete picture of our customers before, during and after we closed the deal.”High-performing sales teams are 4.5x more likely to have a 360° view of their customers than underperformers” (Salesforce). So after our Sales Team sends out a relevant email to their contact, the next question they ask themselves is, “Did this message resonate with the prospect?” If the message sticks and the prospect signs, great! But we weren’t satisfied with just a signature, we wanted to know why they signed with us. We needed to figure out which messages were resonating best with our leads, and we needed to be productive.

Being First

With email templates ready to send, all our sales team needed to do was spend 20 seconds getting the Email sent. Whether it’s a cold introduction, a warm lead handoff, or an email scheduling the next call, having templates ready to send has immensely freed up so much of our sales reps’ time to finish other tasks. With Engage Alerts, they have real-time insights into when their contacts open their emails, what web pages they viewed, what content they interacted with, and way more! This insight has armed our team to be prepared with relevant content when the contact reaches out.

Being Relevant

It’s not the best marketing practice to send out one general piece of content to recipients and expect a good number of qualified leads in return. Engage Alerts provided us with an organized view into what content our leads were interacting with and when they were interacting. This gave us additional insight into what services our leads were looking at, so when we needed to send a specific follow up email or hold a call, our team was more than ready.

Being Productive

It’s great to have a lead sign a contract; it’s even better to find out why they signed, and be able to apply that to every sales pitch. With Engage reporting, we are able to see which emails are working and which ones need revising. This allowed us to build an internal document that based upon specific content our leads would interact with, told our sales team which email template would be most effective to send to the lead.

Branding and Content Consistency

In addition to being first, relevant and productive, Engage helps us keep our branding and content consistent. Having consistent branding reduces our staff’s workload, builds our credibility, supports our social media relations, and much more. Having consistent content allows us to extinguish any grammar issues, spelling errors, and establish authority.


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