What a Successful Automation User Should Do Before Breakfast


What do you get done before breakfast? If you are like most people, that list is pretty short. However, many of the most successful people make it a habit to put some of their most important tasks in the block of time between waking up and having their first meal of the day.

For many, this is often one of the most productive times in their day. You can focus, free of the distractions and worries that plague the rest of the average workday. This is the time to get a jump start on your work and lay the groundwork for a successful day.

If you’re a marketing automation user looking to get ahead, here are three easy ways to maximize your morning productivity.

Daily Prospect Report

Many marketing automation platforms allow you to send daily reports of active prospects from the previous day, straight to your inbox. You can see which prospects were on your site, what pages and content they were engaging with, and if they showed any buying signals. Perusing this report first thing is an easy way to make sure you are completely up to speed on what happened the previous day.

You certainly don’t need to comb through this report line by line, but you will be able to easily spot any hot leads that should get passed to sales immediately. Viewing this report first thing in the morning will also give you time to consider which prospects are the best ones to pursue that day and how best to approach them.

Daily Visitor Report

Much like the daily prospect report, automation platforms can also send a daily report of the companies and people who are not yet prospects, but who visited your site the previous day. This is a terrific way to identify opportunities for cold calling and prospecting.

Take a few minutes to browse this list for companies that may be a good fit and are worth calling. Although the leads that come to your site on their own will never outnumber the leads you are cold calling, these leads are likely further along in the sales cycle.

Campaign Performance

Did you have any campaigns that ran the previous day? First thing in the morning is a terrific time to take a cursory glance at your campaign performance. Did you meet your lead goals? Were enough qualified leads sent to your sales reps? Automation platforms make it easy to find and view these performance numbers.

Checking in on campaign performance first thing in the morning helps you plan out the rest of the day. Are you going to be spending time qualifying leads? Are there any adjustments you can make to generate better results? These are perfect questions to ask when your mind is sharp and free of other distractions.

Although many people cannot function before they’ve had breakfast, the most successful people know better. Creating a quick morning routine to manage your marketing automation platform can give not only you, but your entire sales and marketing teams, a jump on the day.

Do you have an automation routine? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!