Storytelling: How to Make Your Marketing Worth Sharing


Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Every piece of content you create plays into your overall brand message. The more compelling your content, the more attractive your brand becomes. It seems like a simple equation, but it is imperative to make your content applicable and engaging enough to create a storyline that customers feel invested in. Instead of a transaction, interactions with your brand are now building relationships with your customers. And relationships are personable, create loyalty, and even have the ability to create a tribe of fans that promote your company for you.

Content Marketing Institute recently highlighted “Facebook Stories,” a new marketing initiative from Facebook that aims to add brand value by emotionally connecting with its users, simply by telling their stories. These stories are powerful enough to change a viewer’s perception of Facebook from just another social network to a platform where a teenager can help children in the Philippines get to school, and Australia can reflect on the year that One Direction was their most talked about topic (no comment). Trending topics become a reflection of our culture, and a simple status update can become a story of a changed life.

In a world where statistics and status updates can become compelling stories, we are more keenly aware than ever of one common denominator among all of us: an appreciation for great storytelling. If your company can do this well, you are on your way to building a deep community of folks invested in your brand.

Most of us don’t have brands that can pull on emotional heart strings like Facebook Stories, but we do all have some type of story that can be told with humor, emotion, graphics, statistics, or even logic — it’s your pick. The key is to tell it as a story with a persona that reflects your brand and invites engagement from your customers. Let’s take a look at three ways Pardot does this:


Everyone loves a good infographic. It summarizes everything you would want to know in an interesting and engaging way that makes information fun and easy to understand. We post them on our blog and social media, provide a download and even encourage our readers to embed the image on their own site. This invites people to engage with us. Here are some of our most popular ones: Facebook vs. Google+, The Changing Role of Email Marketing, and my personal favorite, A Guide to Fending Off Zombie Leads.

The Blue “Parbot”

Have you seen our blue robot? Hidden in a handful of our graphics throughout our blog content, you can find our little blue Parbot. It’s for our insiders. It creates some playful fun, and is slowly working its way into the fabric of our brand. Can you find him here?

Posts That Reflect Our Culture

One of the best things about Pardot is our people. They define our culture and our customer experience. Pardot’s goal is to be the best place to work and the best place to be a client. Our clients know we care about them and we care about each other. With that in mind, we are able to maintain a relevant and cutting-edge product while still having fun. That culture bleeds into our content and allows us to talk craft beer, puppies, and Oprah.

Story-driven content is key to creating a compelling brand. Remember, a Facebook status can change your life. So how do you tell your story?

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