Social profile lookups via Qwerly


We have added a Qwerly connector to Enterprise and Ultimate Edition accounts for automated social profile lookups of prospects. Pardot checks prospects for their profile names/links at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Klout. If publicly available, the system may also pull location data and a snippet or summary about the prospect. If any social profiles are found, their corresponding icons will be displayed next to the prospect’s name.

Social Profile Lookups

Social Lookup Details

Why do some prospects have images and others do not?

Qwerly only compiles publicly available social data. If images are available, we will make an effort to display them. Many prospects, however, do not have publicly available images.

Why is the “Social Data” link sometimes grayed out?

If a prospect has not yet been looked up or if Qwerly did not return any social data for the record, the link will be inactive. If the Social Data link is active but you do not see any additional social media icons, it is likely that Pardot only found the LinkedIn profile. In that case, the LinkedIn will point directly to the prospect’s LinkedIn profile rather than simply doing a search in LinkedIn by first and last name.

What kind of hit rate should we expect?

The hit rate (rate at which social profile data is found) varies based on the types of prospects you have (some people are more or less likely to have their work addresses correlated to social profiles) but overall Pardot finds at least some social data on approximately 20% of lookups.

Social Profile View in CRMs

You can also set up a social profile view in your CRM system in much the same way you did you prospect activity view. If you use or SugarCRM (version 5.5+), simply download the latest AppExchange package or SugarCRM module and add the view to your lead and contact layouts. If you use NetSuite CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM (version 4+), you will need to follow the specific instructions in our knowledge base: Pardot Social Data for NetSuite CRM | Pardot Social Data for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Pardot Social Profile Data in

Why don’t I see a Qwerly option under Connectors?

The connector is only available for Enterprise and Ultimate Edition Pardot accounts, so if you have a Group or Professional Edition account, you will not see Qwerly as an available connector.