Social Media for Business: The Perfect Time to Post

When you go to send an email campaign, what all do you think about? Like any effective email marketer, you probably take time to consider who to send to, what to say, and the best time to send to improve your emails’ odds of being seen.

Why shouldn’t social media marketing entail the same careful consideration?

With today’s social tools and tracking, a little bit of analysis and a few simple adjustments can help you see more results from the time you invest in social media. So we recently set out to compile information about current trends, stats, and best practices in our latest e-book, The B2B Social Media Guide to Best Practices. Let’s take a look at what we found out about when to post.

Current Posting Trends

As part of our research for the e-book, we caught up with our friends at PerfectPost to discuss takeaways from their latest research on post timing. The biggest takeaway: weekends are a major lost opportunity for businesses. According to their research, 40% fewer page posts are created on Saturdays, and 50% fewer on Sundays, while the number of users online is almost the same. Businesses posting during these times will face far less competition in news feeds, so schedule out a few posts (through a marketing automation platform, from within the social platform itself, or using another social tool) before leaving the office on Friday.

It’s also important to consider different time zones in your social post scheduling. For instance, if you’re based in Atlanta, scheduling out a post for 4 am EST could be the perfect way to get in front of your UK fans — and reaching these new audiences could greatly impact engagement levels across the board.

Finding Your Own Optimal Posting Time

Ultimately, your perfect posting time will depend on your specific audience, so do a little research of your own. You can usually find much of the information you need through the platform itself; for example, go into Facebook page insights and select “Posts” (screenshot below). You’ll see a graph of peak times that your particular followers are online and engaging with their news feeds. Since a good post can perform well for several hours, the experts at PerfectPost recommend finding a three-hour block with a large audience and posting at the beginning of that time period. Posting at the absolute peak isn’t necessarily your best option, since late night audiences can peak and decline quickly.

So test out a few different schedules, check back on your stats regularly to see what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Ready to take a deeper dive into analytics? Check out tools like Tweriod and PerfectPost to gain a deeper understanding of who your social followers are and how to reach them effectively. Let us know what you find in our comments section — and don’t forget to check out our latest free e-book for more best practices!

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