Smarter Marketing Series: Is the White Paper Dead? [VIDEO]

Is the white paper dead?

Mathew Sweezey takes on this question in this episode of our Smarter Marketing video series. And while we can conclude that the white paper itself may not be dead, your current approach to writing one may be. A few key takeaways for writing more effective white papers:

  • Be more specific. 76% of buyers prefer different content at each stage of their research. Know your audience before you sit down to write, and tailor your content to their stage in the buyer’s cycle.
  • Know when to stop writing. Our 2013 State of Demand Gen Report revealed that 70% of buyers prefer content under five pages in length — meaning it’s not just about being specific, it’s about being concise. Have a lot to say? Break it up into several smaller pieces of content and really narrow the focus on your topics.
  • Collect feedback. The phone isn’t just for sales people; when you see that a customer has downloaded a resource on your website, pick it up and give them a call. Find out what’s working and what’s not from the people whose opinions matter most: your readers.

Use the resources below to learn more about writing for buyer preferences, and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for access to our entire Smarter Marketing video series!



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