Smarter Marketing Series: Using Sales Intel…Without Being Creepy

It?s a fine line in the online marketplace: the line between enjoying a personalized shopping experience and feeling, well, downright stalked. We all love our ?Recommendations for you? sections, and the convenience of having exactly what you needed pulled straight to the top of the list — but there?s still something spine-tingling about knowing your every move is being tracked.

So, as a marketer or sales rep, how do you know where to draw this line?

With a powerful tool like marketing automation, sales reps find themselves with a wealth of data and information at their fingertips (who their prospect is, their interests, their pain points), and it?s crucial to know how to use this information effectively — without being creepy. Mathew Sweezey is here to help in our latest installment of the Smarter Marketing series. Check out this 90-second video to learn three tips for using prospect tracking, real-time sales alerts, and social lookups to personalize conversations without putting prospects on edge.

For more Smarter Marketing videos, be sure to check out our playlist on YouTube!

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