Smarter Marketing Series: 5 Steps to Customer-Centric Marketing

Customer-centric marketing is our theme for April, and in this week’s edition of the Smarter Marketing video series, Mathew Sweezey breaks down the customer-centric approach into five simple steps:

Step 1: Pick up the phone. It’s not all about guesswork — the more personal interactions you have with your audience, the better. Talk to prospects one-on-one for feedback on your content; find out what was helpful, and what could be improved.

Step 2: Conduct A/B testing. So you have new ideas for how to reach your audience; put them to the test! Identify some concrete metrics that can determine your success, then do some split testing to compare different approaches.

Step 3: Review your data. Set up a time to reevaluate, and reevaluate regularly. You now have data to help you understand the relative success of different approaches; don’t let it go to waste!

Step 4: Implement change. It’s all about agility — your customer is always changing, so you should be ready to change your approach at a moment’s notice.

Step 5: Get everyone on board. Providing a cohesive, personalized customer experience truly requires a company-wide effort — and as a marketer, it’s your job to lead the charge. Make sure everyone at your company can answer one simple question: “Who is our ideal customer?” Understanding your buyer personas and knowing who you’re talking to is the first step towards a more customer-centric experience.

Ready to delve deeper into the customer-centric approach? Download our white paper on the topic, and be sure to check out more Smarter Marketing videos on our YouTube channel!

customer centric marketing

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