Smarter Marketing Series: 4 Free Tools for Quick Content Ideas [VIDEO]

We all know the benefits of maintaining a company blog, and regularly distributing valuable content to prospective buyers. But for many SMBs, this is a major case of ‘easier said than done.’ For marketing departments with limited time and resources, the amount of work that goes into writing, editing, publishing, and promoting a piece of content can make the prospect of regular blogging seem impossible — not to mention the hour and a half you spend staring blankly at the screen, racking your brain for new ideas to write about.

Luckily, we’re here to help out with that last bit. In this week’s Smarter Marketing video, Mathew Sweezey shares four free tools that can create an endless stream of new topics for content inspiration. Check them out, and be sure to share your own ideas in our comments section!

Tool #1: RSS Reader

Yes, Google Reader is long gone, but the concept isn’t. Check out feedly and similar alternatives to learn how you can set up a stream of highly relevant content from your chosen resources.

Tool #2: IFTTT App

IFTTT (If This Then That) app can take your RSS reader beyond news articles and blog posts by pulling in content from channels like Facebook, Evernote, and LinkedIn.

Tool #3: Google Alerts

Have interesting new content on your chosen topics pulled from across Google and delivered straight to your inbox; get started now.

Tool #4: Twitter

Read up here on how to add content from your favorite Twitter streams straight into your feedly.

Ready to start writing? Use the worksheets, tip sheets, and best practices in our Content Creation Guide to organize your approach to content creation and promotion.

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