Smarter Marketing Series: 3 Tips for Mobile Marketing [VIDEO]

43% of all emails are now being opened via a mobile device. (Return Path) tweetbutton

The stats speak for themselves: if you?ve been ignoring mobile in your marketing strategy, you can?t afford to any more.

In today?s episode of our Smarter Marketing video series, Mathew Sweezey covers three crucial aspects of mobile marketing — whether you?re just getting started or are hoping to optimize your strategy:

Responsive design: Make sure your website and other marketing assets adjust easily to being viewed on various devices (laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc.). Luckily, marketing automation allows you to create responsive templates that can be reused whenever you need to build a new landing page or email.

Mobile channels: Email and social channels are now heavily-trafficked by mobile users — in fact, studies show that 64% of decision-makers now read their email via mobile devices (TopRankBlog). If your interactions on these channels aren?t mobile-friendly, you may be missing out on interacting with a large portion of your target audience.  

Timing of interactions: Smartphones have ensured that your audience is online long after the work day ends; be aware of this, and don?t drop off the radar when the clock hits 5pm. Use your marketing automation platform to schedule out social postings and emails, and see how engagement levels do with these late-day interactions.

Check out the resources below for more helpful information on optimizing for mobile, and for more Smarter Marketing videos, be sure to check out our playlist on YouTube!




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