Smarter Marketing Series: 3 Lessons Marketing Can Learn From Sales [VIDEO]

The lines are blurring between marketing and sales — and we have a lot to learn from one another. That’s right: contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just sales that can take a leaf out of marketing’s book; there’s a lot that marketers can learn from their sales counterparts as well. In today’s Smarter Marketing episode, Mathew Sweezey shares three crucial lessons that marketing can learn from sales. Check them out, and be sure to share your thoughts in our comments section!

1. Know your prospect.

Just because you aren’t on the phone with your prospects on a regular basis doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a thorough understanding of who you’re selling to. Take the time to build out buyer personas for a better perspective on who your ideal buyer is, as well as their needs and pain points.

2. Think ahead and anticipate roadblocks.

In sales, it’s important to anticipate roadblocks in the sales cycle and be prepared to counteract — and the same applies to marketing. Look ahead, understanding hang-ups that your prospects might have as they evaluate their need for your product, and create content that can help. Understanding your prospect’s journey through the buyer’s cycle can also allow you to set up automations that make the process run smoother, for a more personalized buyer experience.

3. Always be moving prospects to the next stage.

Don’t be afraid to prompt buyers to move on to the next stage! If they’ve been perusing your thought leadership content, offer them a more product-specific piece. There’s no harm in asking!

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