Smarter Marketing Series: 3 Key Levels of Engagement Metrics

How well do you really understand your content engagement levels?

In today’s Smarter Marketing series episode, Mathew Sweezey discusses three levels of content engagement metrics that can indicate the success of your content strategy. Let’s take a closer look:


Even if you’re just getting started with content, you should be keeping tabs on the distribution and reach of your assets, as well as some basic engagement metrics. If you’re promoting your content via social media platforms (and you should be!), these platforms can tell you some important KPIs, such as impressions, “likes,” and shares.


Content marketing should also be a lead generation tool, so make sure you’re gating some of your content and noting conversion rates. Furthermore, understand the quality of leads a particular piece is bringing in by keeping track of MQLs — not just total leads acquired.


With a marketing automation tool, you can delve even deeper into the success of your content and the results of engagements with it. By following leads brought in by your content through the sales cycle, you can assign an actual dollar amount to the impact that content is having on your business’ bottom line — and this should ultimately be every content marketer’s goal.

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