Smarter Marketing Series: 3 Components of Engaging Content [VIDEO]

If content is at the center of your B2B marketing strategy, then there’s one question that should be constantly on your mind: how do I create content that drives engagement?

Mathew Sweezey takes on this question in today’s episode of our Smarter Marketing video series, and shares three components to consider when creating engaging content:

Authentic Copy

  • Be sure copy is authentic and helpful, as well as relevant to your particular audience
  • Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your content—check out Wistia to see a great example of a company showing off their personality through content

Original Image

  • Use an engaging and original image to promote your content; adding visuals to content greatly increases the likelihood that it will be engaged with via social media and other channels

Stage-based CTA

  • Make sure your content includes a clear call to action—even if it’s just letting them know where they can find further information
  • Don’t be too pushy; your call to action should align with their stage of the sales cycle. If they’re in stage one, a CTA to engage with a sales rep may not be effective.

What are some other aspects to consider when creating engaging content? Share your thoughts in our comments section, and be sure to check out our Content Creation Guide for more best practices, tips, and worksheets!

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