Smarter Marketing Series: 2 B2C Social Media Trends to Note [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that B2C marketers have the edge when it comes to capitalizing on the latest social media fads, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be in tune with these trends and look for B2B applications wherever possible. In today’s Smarter Marketing episode, Mathew Sweezey discusses two of the latest trends that, admittedly, will probably never make their way into the B2B sphere—but also delves into what these fads indicate about overall trends in messaging and what that means for B2B marketers. Take a look at the two key takeaways below:

Takeaway 1: Shorten Your Messaging

True, you can be fairly certain that ‘Yo’ will never be a viable approach in B2B marketing. But there’s a reason that Twitter continues to be a leading platform for many B2B organizations: consumers appreciate interactions that are brief, concise, and engaging. So look for any opportunities possible to trim down your messages, and be sure to regularly engage with your Twitter followers—even if your acknowledgement is no more than a ‘Thanks for the RT!’

Takeaway 2: Experiment with Audio

Make your content as easy to consume as possible, and don’t be afraid to explore other channels. Try putting one of your white papers in audio format so that prospects can listen to it as they work on other things or make their morning commute.

What are some other trends that B2B marketers can take advantage of? Let us know in our comments section and be sure to check out these other helpful resources for more ways that your business can benefit from social media trends!