Six new responsive email layouts and other template improvements

If you make use of your Advanced Email Analytics, you have likely seen that your prospects are checking their email from a myriad of devices (tablets, phones, laptops, etc.). It is more important than ever that your designs look good across devices. We now have six stock email templates that are responsive to give you a head start in your design.

And remember, you can of course use your own responsive templates – our editor and email infrastructure are fully compatible with all  responsive design techniques. These templates are just useful as a starting point and contain best practice HTML and CSS for implementing a responsive design.

To get started with one of our stock templates, simply select it from our Pre-formatted Layouts when building your next email template.



Here are some more great changes we made to ALL of our templates (responsive and non-responsive):

  • Added an “original only” tweak that hides the unsubscribe tag when the email is forwarded to avoid forwarded recipients from unsubscribing prospects
  • Changed line-height to px from em
  • Added placeholder image dimensions and removed max-width style
  • Added a “css reset” of sorts for emails that helps prevent issues in outlook