Shortcuts to Pardot Success

Sometimes you want to take your time and enjoy the scenery. At other times, you still want the same great experience but don’t have as much time to wander through the trails. It can be the same with the Pardot Success Path. No matter which direction you choose, our goal is the same: to accelerate your Pardot usage and help you reach your marketing automation goals. Within the Path, we’ve built in 3 shortcuts just in case today isn’t the day for the lengthy stroll and you need to get ramped up quickly.

Request the Getting Started with Pardot Accelerator

If you are a Pardot Premier+ Support customer already, then what are you waiting for? I’ve delivered the Getting Started with Pardot Accelerator to a variety of customers and each time it’s been a great experience both for me and the customer! I was able to share my Pardot product knowledge 1:1 with the customers and consult them on what parts of the tool best fit their needs. We started with creating Pardot Campaigns to align with their specific channels and worked all the way through Pardot Reports displaying metrics important to their business. My favorite part? My engagement with the customer wasn’t over after just one call. It was very insightful getting to know each of the organizations over the 4 – 5 sessions we had together, in turn allowing me to provide more tailored recommendations. If you aren’t sure this is an option for you, let us know: here.

Become a Pardot Certified Specialist

Park rangers must obtain certifications before they can safely guide visitors through trails. It’s always helpful to have your own “trail cred” too, so you can go off and discover your very own path to success with confidence. Becoming Pardot Specialists Certified prepares you to be the Pardot power user for your company. The exam tests your knowledge on skills like building marketing assets like email templates and form, understanding native integrations, and basic troubleshooting techniques. The certification is worthy of “shortcut” status because you’ll cover a lot of ground just in preparing for the exam! Learn more here.

Create and Launch an Engagement Studio Program

They say that learning by doing is the best way to make a skill stick, at least that’s been my experience. Pardot is no different. If you want to get really savvy with Engagement Studio, the best way is to dive right in to the Studio canvas. Did you know you could build out logic without needing any segmentation lists or email templates prepared? This allows you to choose your Actions, Triggers, and Rules without worrying you’ll accidentally start your prospects down the wrong journey. You can even see a visual test to ensure the path you create will play out in the way you envision. My recommendation? Learn how wait times work in Engagement studio so you can be confident your prospects will receive your content in the most relevant timing.

Whether you prefer a nice stroll or a more vigorous climb, the Pardot Success Path enables you move at your own pace. Did I mention there is the chance to win some cool prizes on the Path right now? Now through November 17th you can become a Pardot pro and enter to win a selection of 1:1 consultations, Pardot swag, and even a FitBit! See official rules here. Perhaps it’s time to grab those hiking boots and get started, and if you’re in turbo mode, I recommend the three shortcuts available on the Pardot Success Path to get you there quickly.