Shopping for a Marketing Automation Vendor

You’ve probably heard by now that implementing and properly managing marketing automation software can yield significant benefits for your business. Statistics recently released by The Annuitas Group reveal that businesses using marketing automation saw on average a 417% increase in revenue and a 451% increase in qualified leads.

With numbers like these, it’s not surprising that many businesses are looking into purchasing marketing automation software. But a recent study conducted by industry expert David Raab reveals another interesting statistic: about half of all buyers only consider one system before making their purchase.

“Some may have known exactly what they needed in advance, but most are just buying the first system that seems to do what they need,” said Raab in a recent posting on Customer Experience Matrix. “And it’s a safe bet they haven’t analyzed their requirements well enough to understand those needs correctly.”

Raab discussed some of the key questions to consider in his series of blog posts on the topic, and we’ve highlighted a few of them for you here.

Innovation  It’s important to pick a vendor that’s in tune with marketers’ needs and adapts their product accordingly. “ …It’s not just about being first: no one company has all the good ideas,” says Raab. “You also need to be sure the vendor is a fast follower, so its clients will quickly benefit from new ideas invented by everyone.”

Flexibility  Since marketing automation is constantly evolving, flexibility is important as well. “You need a system that can easily adapt to unexpected requirements,” Raab says. “Look for APIs to coordinate with other systems and a database that supports custom objects.”

Corporate Culture  “Look for a match between your own company and the vendor,” Raab says. Size, style and culture should be considered in order to find the best fit. “Big, systematic clients work best with big, systematic vendors,” Raab says. “You also need a vendor with pride in innovation, flexibility, and client success.”

As with any purchase, it’s important to be an educated consumer when shopping for marketing automation. And as the statistics show, the right marketing automation software can serve as a remarkable marketing tool, so it’s worth the time required to research vendors to find the best fit best fit possible.