New feature: SEO Keyword Monitoring

We have added two new SEO / inbound marketing features today. The first of those is keyword monitoring. You can now track how your site ranks in Google and Bing for the keywords that are important to you. You can also get some additional information about them, including how competitive they are (to rank well for), the average cost per click if you were to bid on them in Google AdWords, and the approximate search volume in Google for an exact query. You can access this under the Search Marketing section in the left navigation.

Keyword Monitoring Table

You can compare keywords side-by-side, filter by tags, and measure changes in ranking (changes will be noted with a + or -). If you are not ranked in the top 20 for a keyword, it will be displayed as “unranked”.

SEO Keyword Monitoring

Keyword Monitoring Drilldown

Drilling down on a specific keyword will show you an audit of historical data as well as current rankings.

Keyword Monitoring Drilldown

Weekly Email

You can subscribe to a weekly email to have these reports sent to you. Simply check the box in your user preferences and you will receive the report every Monday morning (EST).

Weekly Keyword Report Email

Account Limits

  • Professional Edition: 100 tracked keywords
  • Enterprise Edition: 250 tracked keywords
  • Ultimate Edition: 1,000 tracked keywords


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