Selling Upper Management on the Need for Marketing Automation

So maybe you’ve been hearing a lot about marketing automation and you’re starting to think it’s exactly what your company needs. Maybe a few of the “4 Signs You May Need Marketing Automation” in Monday’s post hit a little close to home. Maybe you even have your sales team on board and excited to try out this new approach to managing leads.

There’s just one problem: your upper management, the decision-makers within your company, still isn’t sold on the need for marketing automation. There’s no room in the budget, there’s nothing wrong with the current system, or maybe they just don’t think it’s worth the investment ? whatever the reason is, here are a couple of tips for selling marketing automation to the C-suite.

Speak the Language
The most important thing to remember when approaching upper management to propose a new marketing initiative is to use the appropriate language. Marketing-friendly phrases like “creative new approach” and “cutting-edge technology” aren’t going to be big selling points. Remember that your upper management’s top priority is keeping a business afloat in a tough economy, and that you’ll grab their attention a lot faster with phrases like “increase revenue” and “return on investment.”

Show them the Money
When it comes to conversations about revenue and ROI, numbers speak louder than words. The advanced reporting features available through many marketing automation platforms allow marketers to track leads all the way through the sales cycle and determine how much revenue your marketing efforts are actually generating ? a good thing to point out, but not all that useful until you have access to these reports. However, many studies have been conducted on companies that have moved to marketing automation, and concrete evidence of their success is readily accessible. Look for case studies featuring companies in your industry that have successfully employed marketing automation, and use them to help your build your case.

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