Segmenting E-mails and Avoiding Mass Blasts

I just read a very interesting article by Marketing Profs on predictive analysis for sending emails.  A study was done using predictive analysis to test sales and opt outs from an email blast.  Out of 2.5 million people, 273,334 were selected as likely responders and 20,000 were selected at random as a control group.

The two groups each received an email for the same product offering.  The group of 273,334 that were selected as likely responders had 0.31% sales and only 0.10% unsubscribes.  On the other hand, the control group of 20,000 had only 0.02% sales and 1.30% unsubscribes.

The data here demonstrates the benefit of taking time to analyze a contact before sending out mass emails.  Segmenting your contacts into appropriate lists depending on interest level or time in the sales cycle are starting points to predictive analysis.  Too much contact and bothersome emails will push away potential sales.  Causing prospects to unsubscribe to your emails is not what you aim for, so be sure to send an appropriate amount of communication and tailored messages.