Segmentation Rules


Segmentation rules allow you to pull a one-time list of prospects based on specific criteria. Unlike automation rules, segmentation rules do not run continuously.

Although similar to automation rules, completion actions and prospect table actions, segmentation rules have unique functionality and are best used in certain scenarios. If you are unsure which action to use, review our Prospect Actions comparison table.


  1. Navigate to Marketing in the top navigation.
  2. Mouse over Segmentation in the resulting sub-navigation.
  3. Click on Rules
  4. Click the +Add Segmentation Rule button above the Segmentation Rules table.
  5. Create an internal Name for your segmentation rule
  6. Select a Match type:
    Match All – All aspects of the Rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s)
    Match Any – Only one aspect of the Rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s)
  7. Build a rule. Add or Remove Rules by click +Add new rule button. If you create a rule criteria that you like to remove, click the trash can icon on the left side of the specific rule. You can also add multiple criteria in a single line by separating each value with a semicolon, which uses OR logic (“Match Any”) when selecting a positive operator (“contains” or “is”). If a negative operator is selected (“doesn’t contain” or “isn’t”), then it uses AND logic (“Match All”) due to boolean logic.
    The text field is limited to 255 characters, so you may have to split up very large rules into several lines.
    If you want the rule to match values that include a semicolon, you will need to add quotes around the value (i.e. ”this has a ; semicolon in it”).
    Select the “– ANY –” criteria option for forms, form handlers, landing pages, files, and custom redirects rather than listing out every item in your rules.
    If you are using the “Prospect account field” rule, prospects must have an account in order to match, even if the rule uses the “doesn’t contain”, “isn’t”, or “is empty” options.
  8. Choose an Action. You can add the prospects to a list or remove them from a list. Add or Remove Actions by clicking strong>+Add new action button.
  9. If you create an action that you would like to remove, click the trash can icon on the left side of the specific rule.
  10. Click Next to preview your rule and see a list of the prospects who will be affected. If you need to make adjustments to the rule, click Previous.
  11. Click Confirm & Save to run your segmentation rule. The actions will be carried out in the background and you will receive an email when the processes have been completed.

Rule Groups

Within a segmentation rule, complex rules can be created by adding a new rule group. Rule groups allow you to construct a combination of criteria while reducing the restriction of “match all” and “match any” requirements. The flexibility of rule groups allows users to combine multipart rules that would have previously been two separate rules. For example, within the same rule, assignments to a sales representative can be qualified by both location and industry by using two groups.

Note: When you “Delete” Segmentation Rules in your Pardot account they will not be pushed to the Recycle Bin. These items will be deleted permanently from your instance.

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