Secrets to Making (and Sticking to!) Your Business’ 2013 Resolutions


It’s that time again.

2013 is a bright, shiny new year, and your resolutions should extend beyond a new gym membership — they’re important for your business as well. It’s time to look back at all you accomplished in 2012, to understand what worked and what didn’t, and most importantly, to form a plan for making 2013 your business’ best year to date.

What advice do you always hear about keeping your new years resolutions? Make them attainable and make them specific — meaning resolutions like “bring in more revenue” will be just as ineffective as personal resolutions like “eat healthy and be happy.” So at Pardot, we had each department submit a few specific goals of their own, whipped up some graphic posters, framed them, and mounted them throughout the office.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite resolutions, why we chose them, and some things to consider in making your own specific and attainable resolutions.

For our content team: “Start Using Video.”

Content marketing exploded in 2012, and our team worked hard to up the volume, quality, and consistency of our content. When making our resolutions for 2013, it was time to think bigger. With more content out there than ever before, the true challenge now lies in creating content that stands out from the rest.

Enter video marketing. Our friends at Wistia said it best when they spoke at our 2012 Pardot user conference: “If content is king, video is the crown.” So this year, our content team is setting out to explore some more creative formats with our content — starting with this highly visual (and highly shareable) medium.

Something to consider: Keep an eye on emerging trends in your industry and make resolutions that will help you keep pace with (or outpace) your competitors.

For our implementation team: “Build at Least 5 Case Studies.”

Our implementation team decided to focus on client case studies in the coming year. Case studies are valuable resources because they:

  • give your business important insight into how your clients are actually using and benefitting from your product.
  • give prospects concrete statistics for how your product could potentially benefit them.
  • help your current clients by allowing them to see how others are using your product. (Maybe your other clients are seeing huge payoffs from a feature of your product that they haven’t explored yet).

By setting a goal of creating five case studies, our implementation team not only understands the benefits they want to see from their efforts, they can also set a realistic timeline for achieving this goal.

Something to consider: Don’t set vague goals. Make resolutions based on the benefits you want to see, and set specific parameters for what you want to achieve.

For our human resources team: “Do More Team Building.”

Our HR team looked internally with their goals for the new year. In dreaming up brilliant new initiatives and cutting-edge product enhancements for 2013, don’t forget that your employees’ satisfaction is an important part of the equation. A positive and supportive company culture is crucial to any healthy, sustainable business plan, so keep your employees and their happiness in mind when making new years resolutions.

Something to consider: Think internally when making your resolutions; your company culture is an invaluable part of your business. Building a stronger team will yield benefits for your employees, your customers, and your product.

Framing our resolutions and hanging them in our respective departments ensures that we keep these goals in sight and in mind throughout 2013 (and it makes our office prettier, too). What are some of your business’ new years resolutions, and how are you going to make sure they aren’t forgotten by February? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section!