Secrets to a More Efficient Sales Process

What makes for a productive sales rep?

No matter what line of work you’re in, it’s important to regularly reexamine your processes and look for ways to improve efficiency. That’s why we loved this inspirational SlideShare (and the accompanying eBook) recently released by our friends at Salesforce. It’s chock-full of tips and tricks from top salespeople and leading minds in the industry on increasing productivity.

But we’d also like to add a couple of our own sales productivity tips to the mix — ones that relate to (surprise!) marketing automation, and more specifically, our month-long theme of personalization. Let’s take a look at how sales reps can use data to connect with their buyers and close deals faster.

Tip#1: Use real-time alerts to strike while the iron’s hot.

Your prospects are busy people; they don’t have all day to answer your sales emails and return your phone calls. But if you see that a prospect is perusing your website and immediately pick up the phone to call, you’re two steps ahead of the game: 1) odds are good that they have a free moment to chat, and 2) your product is already at the forefront of their mind.

Tip#2: Never go into calls empty handed.

Prospect tracking provides insight into a prospect’s activity on your website and their interactions with various marketing campaigns. Review these activities, and before you pick up the phone, pick out a piece of content that relates to an area that seems to be of particular interest to them. If you can start a conversation with “Hey, just wanted to let you know that we released this new white paper, and it has some ideas that I thought could be really useful for your particular situation”, you come across as helpful, not pushy — and can build trust with a prospect much faster. 

Looking for more ways data can lead to a more personalized—and efficient—sales experience? Download Personalization with Automation: The Complete Guide, and share your own productivity tips with us in our comments section!

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